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Please note: We're sorry, but Craigslist no longer supports HTML ads like ours in most sections!
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Why should I use Craigslist Ad Wizard templates?
Craigslist Ad Wizard provides superior ad templates that get your ad noticed. Our ads look more professional than the standard Craigslist ad and inspire confidence in the buyer. Craigslist Ad Wizard allow more images to be displayed than a standard ad providing more information for your prospective buyers. A well written ad with lots of images will cut down on phone calls from those just wanting information so you can spend your time talking to prospects who are serious buyers.
What is the difference between the free Craigslist ad templates and premium ad templates?
All of our Craigslist ad templates are designed to help you sell your product or service as effectively as possible. Our premium ad templates allow more images to be included in your ad and use more dramatic graphics to enhance the appeal of your Craigslist ad.
Where are my template images stored?
Images are stored on the Craigslist Ad Wizard servers. Your ad, written in HTML, points to the images on our servers.
How long are my images stored on Craigslist Ad Wizard?
Ads are stored on our servers for 1 year from the date of purchase.
What format are the ads in?
Craigslist Ad Wizard ads are written in HTML conforming to the HTML syntax that Craigslist supports. This allows more freedom to use nicer graphics and images that may not otherwise be possible on a standard Craigslist ad.
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